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We're committed to

Providing the Highest Quality service.

Day Services

Allows for individuals with developmental disabilities to be engaged in the community.

Residential Services

Providing opportunities for individuals to live in a Structured Family Oriented Home environment.

Medical Staff

to provide case management services/supports to our Individuals served.

A Message from Management

A Word From Us...

Through our many dedicated years of education and work experience, we have strengthened our knowledge and understanding of the needs of a wide variety of individuals within the intellectually disabled population, to include their diagnosis and the supports they need to fulfill their lives with happiness, joy and the confidence needed to successfully build their independence.

We truly believe that all individuals have the potential necessary to be productive, valued citizens with a variety of talents and contributions they can offer to our communities. With the assistance of our Excellent Support TEAM, we can help individuals and their families live out their dreams, desires, aspirations, and obtain the best quality of life that some believe they could never obtain because of their disabilities.

Activities & Events for all to Grow

Our Adult Day Services


Volunteering opportunities for adults with developmental delays can be incredibly enriching for both the volunteers and the individuals being supported.


Cultural & Spiritual Activities

We engage in cultural events, workshops, outings, celebrations, reflection sessions, meditation classes, and discussions that promote personal growth and connection.


Educational Activities & Events

Creating a supportive and inclusive environment individual interests, strengths, and support needs.


Health & Wellness Activities

Providing opportunities where participants feel safe, respected, and empowered to prioritize their health and well-being


Our Organization's Commitment

  • Provide the Highest Quality service is our standard of service

  • Aide/Support individuals in communication of needs, wants, and to help comprehend verbal directions.

  • Help individuals adapt functional skills relating to community resources and safety.

  • Demonstrate appropriate behavior while expanding peer interactions and social skills in the home and community environments

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